It is said that angels are there for real, in fact, each one of us has our very own angel. I always thought that it is something that only exists in fairy tales until someone special told me about them but we don`t feel anyone guiding us, maybe because we don`t call out for them and they are waiting somewhere, lost. Probably, Lost In Woods.

Some people can see them but, I’ve never seen one for myself but in my imagination, they look like a beautiful boho queen. Next time, you want somebody to guide you always remember that few little friends are always waiting for your call.










For this bohemian style, I wore this flowy white dress which somehow gave a vintage vibe to me ( perfect for this style ) and I decided to pair it with barefoot sandals but the boho take on basic sandals gave a pretty similar look.

What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Stalkbuylove | Footwear: Westside

Photography by Nilesh Mall




It’s June and summer is officially in season, that means it’s time to get out that cerebration mode and get ready to explore. ‘Feel The Summer’ is all about enjoying the long days, holidays, tan and adventures it brings with it. Well, the heat this year is little too much still, summer is my favourite especially because the fashion is effortless as it seems.

I chose to go with simple shorts and crop top look (Duh! because nothing else can feel more like summer) and tied a flannel to make the outfit look perfectly imperfect. So enjoy the long days to your fullest, feel free and confident.

What I`m Wearing:

Top: Forever21| Bottom: H&M | Flannel: Westside | Shoes: Adidas

Photography by : Nilesh Mall

I am a huge believer in using natural things as beauty products. Green tea has a lot of benefits as it is packed with antioxidants which play a great role in repairing skin cells and removing toxins from the body, so get ready to say hello to your flawless skin by green tea beauty hacks that you can very easily DIY.


Toner helps minimise the pores on the facial skin and maintains the pH level of our skin. Most of the toners available in the market contain alcohol in it which is a no-no for acne prone skin. But as green tea is natural and helps tighten pores, it can be a great toner.

  • Start off by preparing your tea like you usually would
  • transfer the prepared tea into a spray bottle and toss it in the refrigerator so that it can give cooling effect when applied
  • Now spray it on whenever you want. You can also use it as a cooling body mist for summer.

Under-eye patches

Eye patches can be a little too expensive at times, as you only use it once. But what if you can make as many as you want. Green tea patches are very effective as it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is perfect to get rid of under eye bags and pigmentation.The best about this DIY is that it is travel-friendly, you can freely use it while on a flight or something.

  • Cut the cotton pads in half
  • soak it in the green tea, squeeze off the excess
  • place it in a plastic bag or sheet and then store it in the refrigerator
  • Now you use it whenever you feel like giving some love to your eyes.

Green Tea Scrub

We all need to exfoliate our skin at least once a week. It’s even better if we use natural ingredients instead of microbeads.

  • empty a tea bag in a container
  • mix 2 tbsp of granulated sugar,
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil and honey
  • transfer the prepared scrub into another container you want to store it in.

Weight loss

You must have heard it that, “green tea helps in weight loss”.Yes, it does as it has properties which boost the rate of metabolism, so 2 cups of green tea a day is all we need to include in our diet.

See how I am trying to flaunt the nail trend that I’ve been in love with recently 😛

The green teas that I’ve tried recently and loved them are Organic India The Tulsi Green Tea and Strawberry farm tea by Tea Culture of the World

I really hope you find this blog post helpful, as the hacks are very easy and don’t take up that much of time. If you want more beauty tip and tricks like this, then let me know in the comment section below.
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Like everything in the universe, fashion trends also take a boomerang twist and come back in style. This year the trends are all about making a statement. Wearing this outfit I can feel the confidence people used to carry back in the 90’s. It is the mode that I’ve been in love with lately, because of the boho yet edgy look that it gives to your personality. Give this retro mode a try, because the best part about it is, it’s just a spaghetti over a top. You can freely play around with colours and patterns. Who knows, it might just turn out to be something that perfectly suits your style.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Forever21 | Top: Globus | Hat: H&M | Boots: Promod

Photography by Nilesh Mall

The trend of the space buns and top knot is all over the internet, so here are some summer inspired hairstyles, perfect for festivals or summer parties.I personally love them as they are really cute, quick and easy hairstyles. So I hope you guys like it.

Batiste StylistVolume Spray:-


We all have a pile old clothes that we looking to get rid of as they are absolutely useless to us. So here are few ways to revamp that useless chunk sitting around in your closet into a trendy piece of clothing and the best part is, it is a no-sew project. Hope you find this video helpful. Do let me know in the comment section below.

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Who doesn’t like listening to a good piece of music?  Especially with great speakers right next to you. Well, for me a speaker is a must have, no matter where I go. So, here is a really easy way to DIY a Speaker which is far better than our mug speaker. So go ahead, give it a try because  I am sure you`ll love the end result.

BB cream has to be the No.1  product when it comes to make-up “must haves”. If you are a teenager or someone who likes to wear makeup on a daily basis it is a perfect product to always have in your makeup bag.It gives you an even complexion, moisture, protection from UV rays and also treatment to your skin from the added serums. And the best thing is you can make your very own DIY BB Cream from the things lying around in your house. So do give it a try and don`t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.