We all have clothes in our closet which we have worn a few times and then just tossed away because we do not want to repeat the same outfit. But there are endless outfits you can come up with, using a single piece of clothing. So, today I am going to tell you how you can come up with 5 different outfits for any occasion by using one simple black dress and few essentials. You will notice that just by adding a few things here and there you can completely change your look.



For this look, I have pulled over my floral skirt and black boots.

This can be a perfect casual outfit.

Dress: Forever21| Skirt: Forever21  |Necklace: Westside |Boots: Promod


When you wanna travel in comfort and style you can always pull over a light sweater on top and boots if you want to stay warm.

For me, this look is perfect for travelling

Sweater- Westside | Necklace- Globus



Who said a simple dress like this, can’t make you look bold and sexy?Here I just added high waist denim shorts and of course, my black boots.

This can be a great clubbing outfit or whenever you feel like looking sexy.

Shorts -H&M


In this look, I have included best friends, a denim jacket and a crop top.

I find this look perfect as a casual summer outfit.

Jacket- Zara | Crop top -Forever21


The best and easiest outfit of all is this soft and colourful look. All you need is a scarf to tie on the side waist.

This outfit is great for beach or beach parties.

Scarf – Westside

Photography and videography credits: Nilesh Mall

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Remember, being fashionable or a fashionista is not about the expensive brands you wear, the new trends you follow or how new your outfits are. It’s about what you do with what you have.

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