What is the first thought that pops into your mind when someone says, “I’m going on a date”? The basics of course- A fancy restaurant, perhaps a candlelight dinner, and a nice partner. Well, I personally think that this whole concept is outdated.Why does it have to be with someone else?
I think a perfect date can always be with yourself. Go on a date with yourself,  discover who you are in the process and fall in love with yourself. Dress up, not to impress anyone else, but to feel good about yourself.
just like on a date, have a walk all by yourself and promise to always love yourself no matter what.


As I said earlier these little dates are always special for, like a detox from other energies. And I think that dressing up even if you’re going on a date with yourself is extremely important because it makes you feel so good about yourself!
So for my outfit, I went with a sheer floral skirt, which is very flowy and goes perfectly with my colour palette, and I paired it with a black bandeau crop top. As it is fall already, I just had to add my favourite black boots.

I hope guys understand how important it is to love yourself the way you are, as I believe beauty truly just be who you are, to be your own kind of beautiful.

What I`m Wearing:-

Top: StalkBuyLove | Skirt: Forever21 | Lipstick: Dior

Photography By Nilesh Mall

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Impressive Lavanya. I truly admire you ❤️


U r just awesome Lavanya


U r just Awesome ?????


You look so beautiful and I love the concept


woww !!! This is amazing. You have really told the importance of self love .


You look so beautiful

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