My dad named me Lavanya, which means beauty, which for a very long time meant beauty standards to me as well. But gradually I realised that beauty is in everyone and everything, and it’s my fetish to find and show it to the world as well.
But when people ask, who I am, I become absolutely clueless.

But let’s give it a try, shall we?

So who am I?

I am Lavanya Srivastava, an actor, a foodie & an optimist. Also, to be honest, I am that weird girl, who sometimes ends up embarrassing herself. I’m your version of the girl next door, and am someone most of you can well relate to.
I live in Lucknow and Mumbai, except that I live in a world entirely of my own,full of creativity with endless imaginations and dreams.

What do I do?

I do a lot of things. My medium of creativity changes almost every week, due to my curiosity to learn and create something new and beautiful every time. But my special connection with music has been omnipresent. I have always loved transforming things and music is how it all started. I love turning a few words and tunes into melody and our body into a real piece of art.
This desire to find beauty in everyone and everything is what drove me to makeup and fashion. It is never about what you wear and how you wear it, it’s always about how confident you are about it.As makeup and fashion are just minor ways of expressing yourself,  all that matters at the end is who you are and what you make out of what you have.

I cannot wait to express my perception of creativity and imagination in this small world of mine, aka my blog. It is the place where I’ll be my own forewoman and my own deputy.
Welcome to my world, I hope to inspire you and empower you the way I was once. I am a blogger and a Youtuber today because to me, it`s like a canvas on which I can throw on any colour and create my own masterpiece but most importantly, because it keeps my creativity alive.
The journey has just started my dear friends and it’s not limited to just this, it gets bigger and bigger. So stay tuned to learn more about me, because for me I am still discovering the real LAVANYA. Thanks for visiting. Take care, spread love and be nothing but yourself.