How to Curl Short Hair

Everybody wants those effortless curls. With short hair, curling can seem a bit challenging but it is as effortless as it looks. When it’s about adding texture and volume, a narrow curling iron is perfect. Otherwise, a wide curling wand is perfect, just for adding a beautiful, beachy texture. Here is the way I do … Continue Reading

1 Dress 5 Outfits

We all have clothes in our closet which we have worn a few times and then just tossed away because we do not want to repeat the same outfit. But there are endless outfits you can come up with, using a single piece of clothing. So, today I am going to tell you how you … Continue Reading

4 beauty benefits of Green Tea

I am a huge believer in using natural things as beauty products. Green tea has a lot of benefits as it is packed with antioxidants which play a great role in repairing skin cells and removing toxins from the body, so get ready to say hello to your flawless skin by green tea beauty hacks … Continue Reading

Trendy festival hairstyles

  The trend of the space buns and top knot is all over the internet, so here are some summer inspired hairstyles, perfect for festivals or summer parties.I personally love them as they are really cute, quick and easy hairstyles. So I hope you guys like it. Batiste StylistVolume Spray:- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:…

3 Ways to revamp old clothes

We all have a pile old clothes that we looking to get rid of as they are absolutely useless to us. So here are few ways to revamp that useless chunk sitting around in your closet into a trendy piece of clothing and the best part is, it is a no-sew project. Hope you find … Continue Reading

DIY Speaker

Who doesn’t like listening to a good piece of music?  Especially with great speakers right next to you. Well, for me a speaker is a must have, no matter where I go. So, here is a really easy way to DIY a Speaker which is far better than our mug speaker. So go ahead, give it … Continue Reading

DIY BB Cream

BB cream has to be the No.1  product when it comes to make-up “must haves”. If you are a teenager or someone who likes to wear makeup on a daily basis it is a perfect product to always have in your makeup bag.It gives you an even complexion, moisture, protection from UV rays and also … Continue Reading