The 80s was the year of woman empowerment, women got a place in society in this era ( popularly known as the era of Princess Diana).
So, expressing strength and boldness was key to their style. The colours purple, violet, mauve, ruby, lavender, berry etc. all reflect strength, empowerment, sophistication & courage. A lot of elements from the 80s are back in style and so is this bold colour palette. So we continue to cherish the womanhood, our strength, and our place in society. Fashion is about a lot of things, sometimes it’s about our personal style and sometimes it’s just about how you feel and what you want to reflect.

This colour palette is probably taking over this year`s fall season. So be ready to make a statement this year.

What I`m Wearing:-

Top: Shein| Shorts: Forever21| Heels: Intoto

Photography by Ammy_Aameen

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