Dear Nerds,

This letter is to all of you who were at some point in your life called stupid, loner, boring, useless etc. Maybe, you believed them and considered yourself as that one person who was always lost in every crowd.
You probably don’t know that unicorns like you can never be a part of the crowd, they are simply born to stand out. Your beauty lies in the fact that you cannot be or pretend to be someone other than who you are. If you think that pairoṅ glasses can weigh down your confidence, then well, let me tell you that for me it’s my permanent and favourite accessory. I love styling it. If you were expecting a fashion advice, then here is one, along with that unicorn attitude you can carry a pyjama to a prom dress like a lady boss. Because let us tell people that everybody who is an introvert, book lover, specky or enjoys his or her own company isn’t ‘un-cool’. We are nerds, and we LOVE it.

What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Forever21 | Hat: Forevere21 | Glasses: Lenskart | Boots: Forever21

Photography by Nilesh Mall


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