Royalty! What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word? Probably tiaras, castles, or gowns,  but it is said that often, where there is white there is black. Here is a glance at the other side.

This look is inspired by the Netflix series, ‘The Crown’. Princess Margret was the inspiration behind this theme. Dark, negative, anxious but still a royal princess. For some reason, I found her character very interesting. I have never seen a princess unhappy & suicidal, what I always knew was that a princess is supposed to be happy, beautiful, lively, inspiring, put together, basically whatever I thought was perfection and probably unreal.

But I feel that our lives are nothing less than that of a princess’, all we need to do is feel like one and there is nothing wrong with darkness and imperfection, it gives a sense of reality. I believe I am Royalty and you are too.

Royalty with a dark vibe is just what I like, something which is a little less sophisticated and a bit sexier. I am in love with this royal theme for the fall, which is equally dark, full of anxiety for the upcoming fleeting events; i.e the winter. To me, fall has always been about collywobbles, memories, books, coffees, blankets and excitement.

Hope you like this look!

What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Zara| Footwears: Zara

Photography by @Ammy_aameen

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Must say that you look really fabulous here.

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