I’ve seen people following trends a lot nowadays, especially beauty trends. So, for beauty products, the trend says to shift from chemical based products to organic ones so your skin can be healed without dealing with harsh chemicals.

Nyassa from heaven and earth is a brand which has a range of products with natural ingredients. The most important thing that every buyer notices in every product is the packaging. I was really impressed by the packaging of both of the products that looked so luxurious. I used the products myself and I have a lot to tell you guys about it.

1. Nyassa Tea Tree Facewash

This face wash had a subtle fragrance of tea tree oil. (I have a combination skin which is mostly on the dry side) So for me, I didn’t really expect this product to work, as tea tree is basically for oily skin types. But I was really impressed as it did not strip away any moisture off my skin.


  • Does not strip off moisture
  • Cleanses your skin
  • Apt for normal to oily skin


  • Not for daily use for dry skin types
  • Some people might be allergic to the natural ingredients

2. Nyassa Under the Ocean handmade soap

In the hot & humid summer all you wanna do is dive into the pool. But no worries, this handmade soap really does what it says! I was expecting it to leave my skin dry and rough, but it ended up cleaning, refreshing and moisturising my skin at the same time.

Pros :

  • Evocative and subtle fragrance
  • doesn’t strip moisture off your skin
  • Apt of all skin types
  • Refreshens your skin

Cons :

  • Some of you might be allergic to the ingredients (always test the product on your wrist before using it ).
  • The strong fragrance of the soap stays for a long time on your skin ( some people might not like it ).

Hope you found this review helpful. Let me know in the comments down below if you want me to review anything else.

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Heard a lot about Nyassa Tea tree is very good for skin so Tea tree face wash looks effective . Handmade soaps attracts me a lot under the ocean soap sounds worth trying


The ocean theme soap sounds so good and I think I’m definitely going to buy:)


Hearing a lot about this brand recently. The ocean theme sounds. Wonderful name. I seem trying it soon .


I use a tea tree face wash of a differemt brand and uts great .Will try Nyassa .


Never used a tea tree face wash but my skin turbs try at cheeks.. so dont knoe


Nyassa products are such a dope. Loved your review.

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