Royalty! What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word? Probably tiaras, castles, or gowns,  but it is said that often, where there is white there is black. Here is a glance at the other side.

This look is inspired by the Netflix series, ‘The Crown’. Princess Margret was the inspiration behind this theme. Dark, negative, anxious but still a royal princess. For some reason, I found her character very interesting. I have never seen a princess unhappy & suicidal, what I always knew was that a princess is supposed to be happy, beautiful, lively, inspiring, put together, basically whatever I thought was perfection and probably unreal.

But I feel that our lives are nothing less than that of a princess’, all we need to do is feel like one and there is nothing wrong with darkness and imperfection, it gives a sense of reality. I believe I am Royalty and you are too.

Royalty with a dark vibe is just what I like, something which is a little less sophisticated and a bit sexier. I am in love with this royal theme for the fall, which is equally dark, full of anxiety for the upcoming fleeting events; i.e the winter. To me, fall has always been about collywobbles, memories, books, coffees, blankets and excitement.

Hope you like this look!

What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Zara| Footwears: Zara

Photography by @Ammy_aameen

The idea of minimalism is to keep things subtle, focused on one element without any distractions, which is probably why it’s the most chic style out there. Bold Minimalism gives us the freedom to explore with different colours & patterns but still keep it subtle, focused and chic. Here I am wearing a red and beige stripe dress, with my makeup neutral and a nude pair of heels.

Notice how there’s just one element in focus, muted makeup and footwear & zero accessories ( except for my favourite-tiny finger rings). This form of style is not restricted to a certain colour palette or a set of patterns, it’s about the vibe and power of that one element.  I’ve been in love with Bold minimalism as it has recently become a part of my personal style. So for a change, I am having a great time experimenting with my simple and classy side which makes my look luxurious, royal and effortless.






What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Zara | Heels: Charles and Keith

Photography by Ammy _aameen

The 80s was the year of woman empowerment, women got a place in society in this era ( popularly known as the era of Princess Diana).
So, expressing strength and boldness was key to their style. The colours purple, violet, mauve, ruby, lavender, berry etc. all reflect strength, empowerment, sophistication & courage. A lot of elements from the 80s are back in style and so is this bold colour palette. So we continue to cherish the womanhood, our strength, and our place in society. Fashion is about a lot of things, sometimes it’s about our personal style and sometimes it’s just about how you feel and what you want to reflect.

This colour palette is probably taking over this year`s fall season. So be ready to make a statement this year.

What I`m Wearing:-

Top: Shein| Shorts: Forever21| Heels: Intoto

Photography by Ammy_Aameen

Everybody wants those effortless curls. With short hair, curling can seem a bit challenging but it is as effortless as it looks. When it’s about adding texture and volume, a narrow curling iron is perfect. Otherwise, a wide curling wand is perfect, just for adding a beautiful, beachy texture. Here is the way I do it. Hope you find this video helpful.

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It has been a while since spring sprung upon us. As you might have understood by now, I’m a summer girl, it’s my favourite time of the year as it reminds me of freedom, boldness, freshness, colours, glamour, and drama.  So putting all that together, 80s fashion gave me a lot of inspiration for this summer look.

Pastels and checks seem perfect to me for this theme. The 80s was the year of woman empowerment and experimenting with bold colours and patterns was their ‘thing’, be it pastel or neon.

Instead of going all bold and colourful like in all the 80s music videos, I chose to combine all my favourite elements- the pastels, culotte co-ordinates and checks for this subtle and fresh look for summer 2018.




What I`m Wearing:-

Light Green Culottes: Bombay Paisley by Westside| Footwears: Shein | Handbag: Steve Madden

Location Courtesy: Capoor & Sons & Go Awadh

Photography by Nilesh Mall

Do you see too much or is it too less for you? How much is basically enough for you to appreciate it? Wait, is it even yours to appreciate?  It is a part of ME to embrace. If I am lucky enough to be born with it, then I have the right to be proud of it rather than being ashamed! It’s my body and its mine to cover or reveal.
This Valentine’s day I choose to be my one true love. Loving other people is not enough, and them loving you isn’t enough either. You have got to love yourself, and this is for all women and men.
So as people call it a day of love and of lovers, I choose to love myself, my body and everything about me. EVERYTHING



What I`m Wearing :

Blazer: Zara | Pant: Zara | Heels: Charles & Keith

Photography by Nilesh Mall


It’s the holiday season and I couldn’t wait to do the winter styling! Although I don’t quite like the cold, what compensates for it is the holiday charm and the amazing outfits!
It can be a little tricky with all the layering and patterns but is really fun at the same time.
For this outfit, I wanted to stick with a winter palette-consisting of grey, white and black ( something that screams winters). Happy styling, enjoy your holidays!



What I`m Wearing :

Dress: Promod | Overcoat: Zara | Boots: Truffle collection

Photography by Nilesh Mall


Dear Nerds,

This letter is to all of you who were at some point in your life called stupid, loner, boring, useless etc. Maybe, you believed them and considered yourself as that one person who was always lost in every crowd.
You probably don’t know that unicorns like you can never be a part of the crowd, they are simply born to stand out. Your beauty lies in the fact that you cannot be or pretend to be someone other than who you are. If you think that pairoṅ glasses can weigh down your confidence, then well, let me tell you that for me it’s my permanent and favourite accessory. I love styling it. If you were expecting a fashion advice, then here is one, along with that unicorn attitude you can carry a pyjama to a prom dress like a lady boss. Because let us tell people that everybody who is an introvert, book lover, specky or enjoys his or her own company isn’t ‘un-cool’. We are nerds, and we LOVE it.

What I`m Wearing:

Dress: Forever21 | Hat: Forevere21 | Glasses: Lenskart | Boots: Forever21

Photography by Nilesh Mall


I am a big ‘summer love’ kind of person. But, a part of me waits for winters and fall, and maybe what makes me excited about it is the crisp air, the warm drinks and the freedom it brings along to play with different colours.

The fall season is basically a transition period, and this year it started with a warmer fall than usual. That’s why you can see me rocking in colours of fall but my outfit doesn’t really scream about the arrival of winter. I have made my peace with the delay.

This looks gives me the 90s street style vibe which is very easy to style but hard to pull off. So along with my confidence, I paired a yellow t-shirt dress ( yellow is my favourite colour from the fall colour palette ). Fishnets made a huge comeback as a 90s trend, and the reason I like them is that they can add that grunge look without much effort. Also, a street style feels incomplete without boots! For my makeup, I went simple with my favourite combo of nude eyes and bold lips.

I hope you like the first look from the fall series. Can’t wait to share my upcoming lookbook really soon!

What I`m Wearing:

T-shirt- Forever21 | Fishnet – Amazon | Hat – H&M | Bag-H&M | Lipstick – Mac cosmetics

Photography by Nilesh Mall

What is the first thought that pops into your mind when someone says, “I’m going on a date”? The basics of course- A fancy restaurant, perhaps a candlelight dinner, and a nice partner. Well, I personally think that this whole concept is outdated.Why does it have to be with someone else?
I think a perfect date can always be with yourself. Go on a date with yourself,  discover who you are in the process and fall in love with yourself. Dress up, not to impress anyone else, but to feel good about yourself.
just like on a date, have a walk all by yourself and promise to always love yourself no matter what.


As I said earlier these little dates are always special for, like a detox from other energies. And I think that dressing up even if you’re going on a date with yourself is extremely important because it makes you feel so good about yourself!
So for my outfit, I went with a sheer floral skirt, which is very flowy and goes perfectly with my colour palette, and I paired it with a black bandeau crop top. As it is fall already, I just had to add my favourite black boots.

I hope guys understand how important it is to love yourself the way you are, as I believe beauty truly just be who you are, to be your own kind of beautiful.

What I`m Wearing:-

Top: StalkBuyLove | Skirt: Forever21 | Lipstick: Dior

Photography By Nilesh Mall